A year ago, my hubby and I were in Jamaica on our honeymoon.

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So, since I’m all about finding absolutely any reason to celebrate, I thought it would be fun if we had a “Honeymooniversary” themed around Jamaica and the wonderful time we had there.  Guys, if you’re married and have gone on your honeymoon, I highly recommend doing this!  Even if we couldn’t go back to Jamaica, we were still able to bring Jamaica to us and it was so much fun!  This can be done with any honeymoon- just recreate it at home!  Get creative:)  Here’s how I came up with ours:

When & Where:

We honeymooned at the beginning of April, so we made sure to celebrate our Honeymooniversary at the beginning of April on a Saturday.  With the warm spring weather we’ve been having, I dared to celebrate outside on our deck.  It was overcast most the day, but warm- so it worked out.


The menu was the easiest part!  We brought a bottle of jerk seasoning home with us from Jamaica, so my hubby grilled some jerk chicken, and I made homemade french fries to go with.  (Jerk chicken and fries was the first meal we had in Jamaica!  All we were missing was two Red Stripe beers…)  To drink, we made some rum punch.  We also made two Jamaican Smiles for dessert, which are my absolute favorite drink from the trip.  If you ever go you NEED to order one!!  (Or two, or three…)  Of course ours were not quite like the ones we had on our honeymoon, but they were still delicious.



We picked up some outdoor place mats at the Dollar Tree, and I couldn’t pass up the flamingo.  (P.S. The Dollar Tree also has those cute little umbrellas that you can put in drinks!  We picked up a pack, and saw the same ones at Safeway for $3.99!  Hah, nice try Safeway…)  The flowers I already had.  I also had to string some twinkle lights on the deck railing, which weren’t very bright (boo) but I’ll take dim twinkle lights over no twinkle lights any day.



For entertainment, we (of course) blasted tropical music and danced around the deck.  It is impossible not to dance to a steel drum band.  I also brought out two mini squirt guns (straight from my childhood, I swear) and filled them up with warm water.  It’s no Caribbean ocean, but it certainly worked in entertaining us.  After dinner we had an ALL OUT water fight with our mini squirt guns.  Did I mention it was an indoor water fight?  Yeah.  You wouldn’t think it, but those little squirt guns soaked the house!  Thank goodness it’s just water, right?  Our dogs thought we were loony tunes crazy I’m sure- one of them ran for cover in the office and the other was right in on the action.


Our Honeymooniversary was a blast, and I seriously think we should all celebrate the anniversary of all big trips.  I mean, why not?

Happy Saturday lovelies! Any vacations you’d like to recreate at home?

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