There’s Just Something About a Drink in a Mason Jar

Know what I mean? It doesn’t matter what the drink is- a mason jar makes drinking it more enjoyable. A striped straw helps too:) I got a pack of reusable straws from Amazon, and I love them. This summery beverage is just fruit punch with a little carbonated water, lemon and blueberries. Yum! Do you… [Read More]

Long Island Iced Tea

Happy June! It sure is feeling like summer ’round here with highs in the 80s!  This past weekend my brother took his boat out, and it felt so nice to be out on the water!  Boating is my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer.  After, we had a family bbq- which is also a summer… [Read More]

Spring Sangria

Crossing things off my spring bucket list over here!  While my bestie was visiting me recently, we whipped up a pitcher of spring sangria!  I looove sangria, but I had never made it before.  Luckily, I think it’s pretty foolproof.  Take a bottle of wine, a juice or soda of some kind, and lots of fresh… [Read More]