Milly’s 3rd Birthday: sundae funday

We really lucked out with Milly’s birthday last year. We wanted to celebrate her with a party and with the weirdness of the times, thought we should have it outside. Her birthday is usually one of the last weekends before it turns VERY cold outside so it was definitely a gamble. But, it ended up being a perfect day!

For her birthday we had some little toddler friends and cousins over for make your own ice cream sundaes. I made individual topping cups with mini Reese’s, mini Oreos, m&ms, and mini marshmallows. We had lunchables and juice boxes for the kid and individual charcuterie trays for the adults. It was so fun and of course she was spoiled with gifts from all her loved ones. I love this girl so much, and celebrating her is one of my very favorite things.

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