Easter 2020

Definitely started to title this Easter 2019… 2020 just doesn’t feel real! What strange times we live in…

It’s crazy to think what I had wanted Easter weekend to look like for us just a couple months ago… church, our small town’s annual egg hunt, and family time! Instead, we had to stay home, as did everyone else! We still had a pretty great weekend. I‘d been looking forward to it for quite some. We bought everything for Milly’s Easter basket before everything went crazy, so I waited a long time to get it all put together.

Saturday we decorated Easter eggs, something I hadn’t done in years and years! While Milly didn’t deal directly with the dye, she got to tell us what colors to use, and then once they dried she got to use stickers to decorate them. I think they turned our pretty well!

Sunday morning Milly slept in… always the holidays! It was nice though because I got to set out her basket, some muffins, make her a hot chocolate and me a coffee, put some springy oils in the diffuser, and put on some Easter music. She was so excited to see her Easter basket and immediately went for princess Poppy. She was such a fan of having hot chocolate while I had coffee and we sat around while she went through her basket and we ate fruit and muffins.

We put on our church service live video at 9 while I made crepes for the first time. They actually turned out and went well with fresh berries.

After breakfast, I went out to hide eggs in the yard. Milly loved hunting for them, and did such a good job!! She didn’t need much help and cracked up every time she found one. So cute!

While Milly napped I made carrot cupcakes and deviled eggs. For dinner we had steak, green bean casserole, and deviled eggs. It’s interesting trying to come up with menus using what we have on hand to try and lessen my husband’s trips to the store!

I just love Easter so much. He is risen. What a wonderful day we get to celebrate each year. Here’s hoping next year we won’t be quarantined. :)

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