July Already

Happy July! Can you believe it? The 4th is this week, time for sparklers, BBQs, and lots of ice cream. We had a good weekend, we got to have a sweet play date with my bestie and her fam who were in from out of town, and Milly got to play in the sun at my moms house. I was holding out for finally having good pool weather on Sunday, and right as we were in our suits and ready to go it started raining BIG rain drops! It came from out of nowhere (boooo), and we decided to just let Milly splash in the yard on her splash pad. In the rain. Now here’s hoping we finally get some pool weather this week!! Fingers crossed.

Okay, enough whining about the weather. ;) We are rolling into a super busy week and weekend, but that’s summer for us pretty much every year. We’ve got lots of family time scheduled, but I’m also hoping to have time for some festive things at home like fire pit s’mores, bomb pop champagne, and some festive snacks.

We’ve been picking lots of strawberries fresh from the garden. I made some strawberry shortcake muffins (with Milly’s help), homemade whipped cream, and topped it all off with strawberries. Tastes like SUMMER.

Hope you have a wonderful and festive 4th of July week!

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