Emilia’s First Birthday

These kinds of posts are my favorite to write – probably because I love celebrating. Emilia turned one on October 19th, and gosh – I can’t believe how fast that first year goes! Her birthday was on a Friday, and Marty and I took the day off to celebrate her to the max. On her actual birthday we wore tulle, walked to town to get Milly her first ice cream cone, and relaxed at home. My best friend came that night to help me with party prep, and we had a very messy birthday dinner of spaghetti.

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday afternoon with lots of friends and family. It was such a warm October weekend so we had lawn games and seating set up outside. The main party was inside though, where I decorated simply for a floral themed party. We had simple snacks, I made a fall sangria for the adults (super good – just apple cider, ginger beer, a couple splashes of whiskey, a less-sweet white wine, blackberries, and apple slices), and I made strawberry cupcakes with homemade whipped cream for the frosting. The smash cake was my favorite part – Milly is such a dainty little eater!! And she could not have been happier with that whole cake to herself. We eventually had to break her off a chunk, so she could get into the actual cake!

It really was the best day with my best girl. I love her so much.

Thanks for making life magical, my little one!

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