Chocolate Bark

Hello, all!  Today I’m going to share Tallie’s, one of my best pals, experience making chocolate bark.  She is a dear friend who enjoys writing like I do, so I am super excited to have her input on the blog!  Enjoy!

This weekend, a few of my colleagues and I rolled up our sleeves, mixed, and rolled out many sweets that satisfied all three of our different tastes- paleo, gluten-free and traditional. As we maneuvered through the kitchen and made different treats, the quickest and easiest recipe I found throughout the baking chaos was chocolate bark. There are so many variations of chocolate and toppings, that you can satisfy any sweet tooth with salty, fruity or crunchy ingredients. I can’t rave enough how customizable and friendly this recipe was. Rue Rococo includes easy, straightforward directions that are sure to be a crowd pleaser and inspire you to take your own spin on them. Here, I used dark chocolate Nestle morsels, Craisins and walnuts. So good!

Tallie's barkInterested in other traditional or different takes of loved recipes? Below are a few other savory sweets we indulged on:

What new sweets will you try baking this year?

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