Happy NYE!

The baby slept from about 11pm to 6am. (Wahoo!) I’m pretty tired and should probably go back to sleep, but instead I’m laying here in bed sipping a delicious cup of piping hot coffee and thinking of the new year. I was pregnant for most of 2017, so this will be our first full year with our little babe! It’s so crazy how much life has changed from exactly a year ago to now.

I thought I’d share my 2017 best nine from Instagram as a farewell to the past year. Looking at this, it’s very obvious what the highlight of my year was! Emilia Belle – I love you the most.

It’s always fun to think of the fresh slate that a new year brings, and all the ways we want to try to make it great. My new year resolutions always tend to be the same: more yoga, more celebrating, more blogging, more traveling, more reading, etc. Here’s hoping I can keep up with them even a little bit, now that I have a little sidekick! ;)

I hope you all have a perfect NYE! I plan on dressing up with my girl for some festive photos, and then it’s PJs + pink champagne with my love! We splurged on a bottle of pink Dom Perignon while I was pregnant to have once Emilia was born to celebrate our new addition. We haven’t opened it yet and figured NYE was the perfect time to. I can’t wait!



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