Newborn Stocking Stuffers

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

I always loved opening up my stocking first thing on Christmas morning. My mom is an excellent stocking stuffer, and now it’s my turn! I’m not sure what I’ll put in Emilia’s stocking, but I’m envisioning hair bows, baby lotion, cute socks, and a warm winter hat. Here are some ideas I think would be perfect for a newborn’s stocking!

Fleece-lined hat: A cute hat is perfect for a chilly winter! I love the one above from H&M, but it’s sold out in Milly’s size. (BOO.) I’m on the hunt for another I like as much as that one.

Baby Paper: My sis-in-law got me two of these for my baby shower and they are such a great baby present! Baby’s love the sound of crinkly paper, plus the contrasting patterns are perfect for newborn eyes. We use ours for tummy time – I hold the paper and crinkle it above her head and she lifts her head up to look at it!

Pacifier clips: We got these from Amazon, but in pink. They are great for keeping pacifiers from going missing, especially when we are out and about. Plus, they’re cute which is a must. :)

Honest face + body lotion: Since winter time often brings dry skin, I love having a gentle baby lotion to use on Emilia.

Crocheted bunny rattle: We have some cute soft rattles from my mother-in-law that work great for tummy time. The rattling sound prompts baby girl to lift her head. Eventually, she’ll be able to grasp them!

Marled boot socks: I love little baby socks! They are the perfect stocking stuffer – you can never have too many!

What are you stuffing your little one’s stocking with?



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