Behind-the-scenes look at Styled Shoots

Fashion posts are some of my favorite to put together because, one – my hubs and I usually head outside somewhere fun to take the pictures, two – I get to put together the outfits, and three – I’m a girl. Girl’s like fashion. ;)

But I will say this – they are some of the more difficult posts to put together. I think they take the most thought and work. Today I’m sharing what I think to be the most important considerations when doing a styled shoot!

Someone behind the camera – the best part about this is that it doesn’t have to be a professional photographer – my husband takes all my pictures! While I do have a tripod, it’s so much easier to have him take them because I can tell him exactly what I need pictures of and the angles I need.

Good, even lighting – I’m not an expert at all when it comes to perfect lighting, but I know that it is super important. I always take pictures outside in the daytime when lighting is full, and I try really hard to avoid shadows.

Photoshop – while good lighting is important, weather is unpredictable – and I’m not one to cancel a photo shoot due to rain ;) Photoshop is a lifesaver for brightening up pictures.

Nice camera – if you have a good camera, your pictures should come out great regardless of whether or not you have Photoshop to “enhance” them. We use a Canon Rebel T3i and I love the pictures it takes. A good camera can really make all the difference. Here is a link to the camera page on Light’s website (a new camera technology company) which is a great resource with lots of information! They also have a new camera that has the capabilities of a DSLR in the body the size of a smart phone!

FUN locations – okay this one really isn’t a necessity, but it’s one of my favorite parts of doing these shoots. I’ve also taken pictures on sidewalks in neighborhoods, but for the most part I prefer to take them in fun locations. Some of my favorites have been orchards, the beach, pumpkin patches, the food fair, and even an impromptu photo shoot on the side of the road.

Details – one of the most important parts, I think, to these shoots are making sure to capture the details. Full-outfit shots are important, but I love adding in some detail pictures as well.

I hope this helps you to see that really anyone can do these types of posts and photo shoots!


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