Happy Birthday Hubby

What a weekend!

I’m using this post to give a super shout-out to my husband, who turned 31 yesterday. (Happy birthday my love!) I somehow managed to convince him to spend his birthday painting our kitchen cabinets white – something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. Basically, our weekend motto has been, “no rest for the rad.” (I desperately want this saying on a onesie for baby girl!)

Not only were Friday and Saturday spent removing cabinet doors, taping, priming, and painting – but Sunday Marty and his dad spent the whole day putting our nursery floors and trim in! Baby girl’s room is now painted and all set with flooring which means we can start filling it with all the pink things. ;)

Saturday we had a lot of Marty’s friends over to help paint, and we had a big BBQ to feed all our helpers and celebrate the birthday boy. I made a carrot cake per Marty’s request, and it turned out really good. (I’d never made carrot cake from scratch before – I’ll have to share the recipe I followed. It’s a keeper!)

I’m so thankful for you, husband! Next year we’ll do something a little more relaxing for your birthday ;)


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