3 Day Weekend Fun

I love three day weekends! We had a great few days, and I hope you did too!

Friday night my bestie Merry spent the night. We made some homemade mini pizzas for dinner and had a little movie night. We watched “She’s the Man” which is just as funny as it was when I was in high school. On Saturday we ran some errands, made lunch together with some yummy sparkling lemonades, and then relaxed with some Dr. Mario on the Wii. We’re still kids.

Saturday night we went to my brother’s house for a combo January + February birthday party celebrating four of us. Our family has grown a lot over the years so going to a family gathering is more like going to a zoo, but we like it that way ;) We had delicious enchiladas & quesadillas that my sister-in-law made, plus German chocolate cake & cheesecake for dessert. The highlight is always the singing of the birthday song where everyone has to string our names together – cracks me up every time!

This is my brother’s dog, Halo. He is my nephew-puppy – I love him so.

Sunday, husband and I loaded the car and drove up the mountain to Mission Ridge to hit the slopes. I snowboard and he skis. I snowboard at least once a year, and this was likely my once for this year :) The weather started out super foggy, but not going to lie – I thought it was stunning and mystical. The fog lifted though, and blue skies decided to come out to play. We ate lunch at the Midway Lodge – I had the Midway dog which was delish, and the husband had a burger. Inside was full so we grabbed a seat outside and ate, enjoying the view while it snowed. I actually kind of preferred it this way! After snowboarding, I AM SO SORE! I apparently am out of shape. Who am I kidding, I knew this already ;)

Monday we lazed around and did some work around the house. I’m on a mission to declutter and simplify, and I feel like I’m steadily making progress!

A long weekend means a short work week. Cheers to four days until it’s the weekend again!


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