Heart Shaped Pizza

Happy Friday!! After such a slow week I thought this day would never come… and here we are! I’m so happy it’s a three day weekend! I have some family plans and a snowboarding trip to look forward too, plus my bestie is here for the night which is making my Friday even sweeter.

I promised to share an easy way to make your own heart shaped pizza, and I know it’s after Valentine’s Day already, but I’m still going to share! Besides, you can have heart shaped pizzas any time, am I right? :)

So, here’s what you’ll need:

I bought a party pack of these mini premade pizza crusts from costco – it comes with eight mini crusts and a sauce packet for each one. It was definitely an impulse buy, but I think DIYing pizzas at home is so fun.

Next, place the crusts on a baking sheet and cut them into hearts using a pizza cutter.

Next brush everything with olive oil and garlic. (Oops, garlic wasn’t pictured above.)

Then add the sauce! The leftover pieces of crust I turned into garlic bread :)

Add the cheese and the toppings of your choice! We kept it simple and classic with just pepperoni.

Then bake according to the directions on the premade crust package. Ta da!

Serve and enjoy!

Some other fun toppings would be ham & pineapple, olives, mushrooms, fresh tomato and basil… the possibilities are endless!


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