Faith is…

Faith.  I love the word and the concept.  Tonight, as I was perusing through my bible, I landed on the book of Hebrews.  This book has some wonderful things to say about faith.  Here’s one of my favorite verses:

hebrews 11 1 loveHebrews 11:1

I love reading the bible and seeing just how applicable everything  is.  I mean, how we act, think, feel… it’s all in there.  I fear that some people who are unfamiliar with it may take the bible to be a distant piece of literature that has nothing to do with life nowadays as it was written so long ago.  But, in reality, every time I’m reading through scripture I am moved by how accurate it is in depicting human emotion to the smallest detail.  We don’t have these emotions because we have evolved into them.  We have these emotions because we were meant to.  

Just a few of my thoughts, as I am continually amazed by the teachings of the bible.  Happy Thursday all!  Tomorrow is Friday!  XOXO

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