West Coast Adventure Countdown!


Merry and I are leaving for our EPIC west coast bestie adventure in LESS THAN ONE MONTH!!!!

If the countdown wasn’t officially on in April when I booked everything, it’s absolutely on now! I’ve planned almost all the details which means not one second of our road trip vacation will go uncelebrated/ unenjoyed. I’m so excited for our frenaissance! (If you watch Friends, you’ll totally get that reference.)

At the end of July, Merry and I are doing our final shopping to pick up any last summer essentials for our trip. During the last couple weeks before vacay, we’ll be rounding up our clothes (trying to keep it as minimal as possible), doing laundry, and getting ourselves ready! Thursday, August 13th is our “vacation eve” which we both took off from work and will be finishing up packing, loading up the car, prepping road trip snacks, and hopefully relaxing at the end of the day. I plan on getting us a bottle of champagne to celebrate with that night, which we hopefully won’t be too behind/busy to enjoy;)

I’m thinking we’ll be using #westcoastfriendventure on Instagram, so be sure to follow along!

Just for fun, here are some images floating around Pinterest that are total road trip inspo!

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Happy Monday to you! XO

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