DIY Wild at Heart Gift Basket

I’m so excited to finally blog about a gift basket that I made for my dear friend’s 22nd birthday.  Through some creative thinking, I came up with a gift basket idea that I knew she would love.

The idea began when I was shopping online for Bare Escentuals make up.  She loves my Bare Escentuals eye shadow, so I thought I would find some to get her for her birthday.  I ended up finding a make up kit (complete with eye shadows, mascara, and lip gloss) called “Pretty Wild.”  I ordered it right then, thinking that it described her perfectly.  (Plus, it was a great deal!)  It was shortly after I ordered the makeup set that I found the bedazzled liquor bottle idea on Pinterest.  Ah!  I had to do it!  After thinking about the bedazzled bottle of Tequila and the makeup set “Pretty Wild,” I came up with the idea of making her a gift basket that had a theme.  The perfect theme that came to mind?

Wild at heart! 

Here’s the finished basket, and a breakdown of what I did, what I got, and roughly how much money I invested in this project.

So, here the basket is all put together!  I basically made a list of things I knew I wanted in it, and then shopped to find the best deals.  Here’s a breakdown of the things I purchased, and did not make:
-The silky leopard print panties with lace trim at the top were purchased at Ross for $2.99.  She laughed when she saw them, and I knew a pair of fun, wild panties would be an inexpensive touch to add to the basket.
-The glittery frame with pink gems was exactly what I was looking for, and I found it at Ross for $4.99.  I wanted one for myself too!  I put a picture of us at a rooftop bar in LA to keep with the “wild at heart” theme.
-The polka dot box has a wine opener in it that says, “I drink better than I cook.”  It was a funny Ross find for only $2.99, and I knew she didn’t have a wine opener in her apartment.
-Finally, the “Pretty Wild” makeup kit.  I ordered it online at a great sale price (less than $20.)

Now for the DIY touches! First, the basket.  I looked everywhere for a sturdy, cute, bright or animal print basket. I ended up having to go to the Dollar Tree, just because I knew they would have bright colored baskets. (They have a ton there of all shapes and sizes.) To make it cuter, I glued gems leftover from bedazzling the Tequila to the front to make her initial. So, this monogrammed basket was $1.

Okay, so my bedazzled liquor bottle looks nothing like the fabulous ones I found on Pinterest.  But, I was at least able to add some sparkle with gems I purchased at Wal Mart and my handy hot glue gun.  The roundness of the bottle did make this project a little difficult, and gems did eventually fall off.  But I’m sure that’s bound to happen.  Regardless, she loved it!

This was super easy to make.  The frame I already had, but it was originally purchased at the Dollar Tree.  The letters were a great buy I found at Target in the scrap booking section.  A pack of them for $.99!  Beware, they are VERY glittery.  I knew I needed to have something to show the theme of the basket, so I simply glued the words to a piece of paper and framed them.  Only $1.99 and super easy.  Plus, I love how it turned out!

Since I wanted to somehow incorporate chevron into this basket, I used a piece of ribbon that I already had to tie a bow to the basket for an extra touch.  I then used sharpies and glitter puff paint to add the chevron design to the ribbon of the bow.  It was just an easy touch to add since I had everything for it already.

And, ta da!  The finished basket.  She loved her birthday present this year, and I loved putting it together.  Now I’m constantly thinking of random gift basket themes I can make for special occasions.  I’ll keep my blog updated with any more!

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