From Oregon back to Washington

Alright guys- this is the last day of our crazy road trip to California! Last I left you we were camping on the coast in Oregon… in our car. We thankfully survived the night- Merry didn’t die of heat stroke, and I managed to brave the dark night in the woods. I’m not sure if it was the stress/laughter from the night before or if it was the fact that we were nearing the end of a jam-packed vacation, but we were so exhausted and managed to sleep in, even though we weren’t all that comfortable sleeping in the car. We had these grandiose plans of going to check out the beach which is why we picked a campsite on the beach. But, due to our unplanned oversleeping, we had to forego our beach visit and hit the road.

DSCF3115 copy

It was about a two and a half hour drive to get to Eugene, Oregon, where we were headed to the Eugene Saturday Market- a huge farmer’s market with vendors, food, fruits, veggies, music, you name it. We really enjoyed walking around. We each found a really adorable pair of earrings from a small jewelry booth. We couldn’t pass up a yummy fruit salad smothered in whipped cream to snack on.

S1 copy

After we’d been there for a little while, we each grabbed some fresh fruit to take with us. Yum!

DSCF3122 copy

From Eugene we drove a little under three hours to Multnomah Falls.

DSCF3129 copyS9 copyS1 (2) copy

What a beautiful waterfall. I had never been and was a little surprised at how touristy it was. There were a TON of people there. Granted it was on a Saturday in the summertime. They had a gift shop right next to the falls which also surprised me. We got ice cream there, hah:)

DSCF3132 copy S6 copy S3 copy S4 copy

And that was our final stop on our road trip. From Multnomah Falls, it was only about four and a half hours until we were back home!

I’ve been to some pretty awesome places, but this trip was one of my all-time-favorites. It was so fun, so well planned, and so entertaining. We made some of the best memories on this trip that I know we’ll remember for decades to come.

I’m thinking Merry and I need to plan another road trip soon- we are in need of some new funny stories! Of course, you’ll be the first to know!



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