Eat, Drink & Turn 25 | Part 3

Hello! Today I’m sharing our third and final day in Vegas- my birthday! (If you missed the last day, here’s a link.) To start out the day, my parents gave me a present I’d been eyeing at Starbucks earlier in the trip… this awesome Las Vegas Starbucks mug! I love it!


For breakfast, we headed down the strip a little to Paris to dine at Mon Ami Gabi. I loved this place. It was so adorable, and we got to sit outside. It was only a little chilly, but the plentiful heat lamps kept us perfectly warm. I loved the view!

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The menu had some great options, and I ended up choosing the cinnamon and sugar pancake. (Which is basically a crepe- YUM!) Oh man, it was delicious. The cinnamon and sugar were basically caramelized on top which made for the dreamiest texture imaginable. The whipped cream was definitely from scratch, although the crepe tasted amazing without it! I also had some of my mom’s dish, which was a savory crepe. It was absolutely delicious. It had eggs, bacon, and cheese inside which sounds average, but it was not at all average. The sauce on top was superb, and all the flavors melded together perfectly. Plus, the portions here were a welcome sight after breakfast at Hash House A Go Go! Yum. A winner for breakfast all the way.

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After breakfast, we grabbed a coffee at Starbucks before heading back to our hotel to get showered and ready for the day. We popped outside to visit our flamingos again. Note my Seahawks scarf! They played that day (my birthday) at 5:30 in the evening, so we had to represent. We saw a lot of Hawk fans down there actually.

2IMG_9110 copy

We had a relaxing morning of hanging out, enjoying the warm weather and doing whatever we wanted. Eventually, it was time for lunch so we started walking over to the Cosmopolitan, our lunch destination. We caught the fountain show again on the way!

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For lunch we went up to the third floor of the cosmopolitan, down a long dark hallway to get some Secret Pizza. It’s called secret pizza because there are no signs, no advertisements, nothing for this little pizza joint. The prices are really reasonable, and they have white pizza! Which is basically just mozzarella cheese pizza (no red sauce) with huge globs of ricotta cheese. I think ALL pizzas should have huge globs of ricotta cheese!

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Yum- perfect birthday lunch! After, we walked across the street to go to Cabo Wabo and got a coconut margarita. I ordered one of these (or so I thought) a few years back, but the ones we got this time were nothing like I remember. I wasn’t a huge fan.

3IMG_9087 copy

Our next stop was Sprinkles over in the Quad area outside our hotel for birthday cupcakes! Their cupcakes are so good, and there are so many options! I wish I could’ve ordered one of each! I ended up getting the red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and the malt chocolate which has a yellow cake with a delicious chocolate buttercream frosting. (And lots of sprinkles!) Both were delish and perfect.

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Next, we bought a monorail ticket to take us from our  hotel down to MGM, as we made our way to Excalibur. We walked through to the Luxor and looked around a bit before heading to our dinner spot- Public House. This place was nice, although the service was mediocre. The selling point were all the TVs that lined the place, showing our beloved Seahawks playing beating the Panthers. We ordered some appetizers and drinks for dinner because we weren’t all that hungry. The hummus plate was pretty amazing though! Definitely better than we thought it would be.

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Although we didn’t get to stay for the whole game (which, it was very hard to leave in the middle…) the Hawks ended up winning, thank goodness. Otherwise I’d have to live with the blame–  my superstitious husband thought it was bad luck that I didn’t bring my Seahawks jersey to wear.

We walked over to Mandalay Bay for our show, which started at 7:30 p.m. We had bought tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson One!

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So, they have these “paparazzi” type people snapping pictures of you when you walk into the theater, and I avoided eye contact because I thought they were going to try and sell us pictures. Well, they were actually taking pictures to have posted in these funny tabloids that showed before the show started. It was hilarious. Here’s a picture of one of ours, in the “Man survives on beans for five years!” We were cracking up because they must’ve liked my mom’s picture a lot – every time we looked up she was on a new magazine cover!


Oh, and the show – by the way – was AWESOME. I highly recommend it! Thriller was awesome, and I really enjoyed the hologram they had of Michael up there dancing with them. SO AMAZING!


After the show,  we said goodbye to the Vegas lights and headed back down to our hotel. We didn’t stay up too late because we had to leave for the airport pretty early the next morning.

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 Another successful Vegas vacation for the books, and an especially memorable 25th birthday!


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