Cheese Plate for Two

I adore a good cheese plate. Probably because I adore a good cheese. Yum, cheese….

In honor of National Cheese Lovers Day (right?!) – which is today – I’m sharing an easy cheese plate for two that makes for a super fun finger food dinner or snack!


First, you’re going to need to get the star of the show- the cheese. The last time we were in Costco, I was wandering through the cheese aisle when I found this variety pack for only $12! Cheese can be spendy, so I was thrilled to find a package that came with four different kinds of cheese.


After you’ve got your cheese, you get to pick out the rest of the goodies you want to have with it. Crackers, meats, olives, and fruit are all good ideas that’ll leave you with plenty of options to make the cheese plate your own.

I cut a little bit off of each type of cheese and sliced it up into small chunks. I also sliced a Fuji apple and some jalapeno sausage to include on the plate.

IMG_9541c IMG_9543c IMG_9546c IMG_9549c

I added some olives to my plate, as well as apricot preserves to liven things up a little. How cute are these little ramekins by the way? I picked them up awhile back at Big Lots, dreaming of how I’d use them in the summertime- but I just couldn’t wait that long! I could use a little summer, since it snowed so much this weekend:)


Oh, and don’t forget your beverage! I poured a delicious local Cab Sauv that I had opened already. A white would be great too!


For crackers, I used two different kinds I had already: regular and poppy seed. Everything together now!


With your plate all assembled, DIG IN! Have fun pairing different combinations!


Wishing you all a happy National Cheese Lovers Day!!


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