Girls Weekend in Spokane

I mentioned back in this post, that a girls weekend was on my summer to-do list. In August I went and visited my best friend in Cheney, WA- where she is going to school. Whenever I plan a girls weekend, I usually have a rough idea of things I want to do. This always make for a super fun weekend where I don’t leave thinking, “Ah man, we should have done that!” Know what I mean?

On Friday I skipped out of work a little bit early to hit the road for about 2.5 hours, so I could make it in time for our dinner date. First on the list?

Dinner date somewhere local.


The best part about visiting someone is that they get to tell you the good places to go! Merry (yes, that’s how you spell my bestie’s name) took us to Zentropa for some pizza and beer. The weather was perfection so we sat outside. Loved the outdoor seating!

(Obligatory “I-missed-you-so-much-let’s-take-a-picture-now-that-we-are-reunited” photo)

The menu had some great options, and of course, we were totally torn over what pizza to order. I love trying out different options whenever I can, and we ended up choosing the arugula pizza to split. We had fun deciding what drink to order as well because they have a great list of local brews! We knew we had to try more than one. Enter- beer flight! I love it when places offer these because I’m a firm believer that variety is the spice of life:) Right? Beer flights can be quite filling to me, though, for some reason- so we shared one. I REALLY wish I would’ve written down what we tried, because there were some that I would definitely order again! So good! I’ll try my best to remember…


Okay, from top to bottom… let’s see here… First was a blonde ale. Very light, but very beer-y. (Good time to add I know nothing about beer.) Next was a local hard cider. This was SO good! Full of apple flavor, much more apple-y than Angry Orchard. (I love Angry Orchard though, FYI.) Next was a tangerine ale. TANGERINE ale! Considering Blue Moon is one of my favorites, this was really good! I would definitely order it again! The citrus flavor was perfect! Last was a Belgian ale I believe. It was not light like the others, but it was nice to try something different.

And then the pizza came!

Yum! This pizza was very light, but really tasty! That’s garlic white sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage, arugula, and red peppers. It was the perfect size for us to split- we even had 2 pieces left to take home.

All in all, this was the perfect Friday night meal!


Our night continued with hanging out with some of Merry’s work friends, and heading down to the local college bar to sing karaoke. (Or laugh karaoke. I don’t know if it was the song we chose, or just the group of us singing, but I could not stop laughing!)

The next morning was spent lounging around in perfect Saturday morning fashion. We fueled up with a breakfast of bagel sandwiches (scrambled eggs + cheese on a toasted-buttered bagel) with fresh-from-the-garden cherry tomatoes and coffee (of course).


What were we fueling up for? A day in Spokane! Cheney itself, is a teeny tiny college town, but it’s super close to Spokane which is the second largest city in Washington. (Second only to Seattle, don’t you know.) This brings us to the next thing on my list:

Trader Joe’s!

After hitting up the mall & snagging a few goodies from h&m, we made our way to Trader Joe’s- the next place on my list. I am sending out crazy persistent thoughts into the universe that one day we will have a Trader Joe’s in my hometown! I really think it would do well! But, for now, I have to get my fix whenever I visit the bestie. I didn’t go crazy, but I did get some goodies!


Including these!!


Macarons!!! Who knew?! I also couldn’t resist giving Australian licorice a try either. My hubby loves licorice, so I got this with him in mind as well.


This stuff is TOO good. I was shocked by how delicious it was when I tried my first piece. I don’t think I’m going to be able to go to TJ’s without buying this stuff again. Okay, next on the list.

Total Wine & More

Random? Yes. But I was really going in hopes to find Idaho wine. Remember when I went to Boise to visit one of my best friends who works for the Idaho Wine Commission? Well I fell in love with Idaho wine while I was there, and was hoping to find a bottle or two at Total Wine! Their selection is HUGE- seriously overwhelming. I had to enlist the help of at least four workers to help me track down two bottles. (Which they were almost out of!)


Success! You better believe we were famished after all this running around. Which brings us to the next thing on my list.


Sometimes I just get a craving for sushi. We ended up going to Sushi Maru in downtown Spokane to try out the conveyor-belt sushi! Have you ever heard of this concept? It’s seriously crazy! You basically sit down in front of the belt with a copy of the menu letting you know what everything is, what it looks like, and how much it is- and then you grab whatever you want off the conveyor belt as it goes by. The prices are crazy reasonable too, and the servings are smaller so you can try a lot of different options. We ended up trying the California Roll, Volcano Roll, Las Vegas Roll, Spicy California Roll, and I feel like there were some others I’m forgetting… We got some tasty options, but I’m going to have to say that the quality was nowhere near as good as the sushi I’m used to from a local Asian fusion restaurant that I just love. But definitely a fun experience that let us try lots of different options for under $10 each!

IMG_7889 IMG_7892 IMG_7901

Then it was back to Merry’s apartment to laze around, as we were too full to do much else. By the time dinner-time rolled around, we were still a tad full thanks to our late lunch. We walked down to El Rodeo, a local Mexican restaurant, because I wanted to see what their margaritas were all about. Merry had raved about them, and margaritas are a favorite of mine so we found a nice shady spot outside and split one. We ordered a peach-mango margarita and it was SO good! Plus it was beautiful outside.

IMG_1532 copy IMG_1537 copy IMG_1533 copy
We ended the night relaxing and watching Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. Love that movie! Sunday morning I left fairly early to get the dreaded drive over with. (I know, 2.5 hours is so not bad…)

It was a weekend for the books, as weekends spent with best friends usually are. I can’t get enough of time with my girls:)

Do you live close to your best friends?


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