Grilled Angel Food Cake

Have you guys tried grilled angel food cake yet?!

It is amaaaazing! The cake, when placed on the grill for a minute or two per side, gets a delicious crunchy coating. The charred grill-marks add amazing flavor, which can be best described as a toasted marshmallow. Yum!

All we did was picked up an already made angel food cake at the Safeway bakery, which I cut up and had my hubby grill. While they were charring, I whipped up some homemade whipped cream and sliced some juicy strawberries. (Homemade whipped cream is super easy- just whip heavy whipping cream until soft peaks form, add some sugar, and continue whipping until desired consistency. I swear, you’ll want it made from scratch from now on!)

When the cake slices came off the grill, I generously plopped some whipped cream on each slice and topped with the sliced strawberries. Then dig in!

IMG_9165 IMG_9166 IMG_9169


Give it a try for yourself!

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