Reasons to Love September

Okay, I know it’s only September 6th, but I’m already loving this month!  Here are some reasons to love September:

1. End of summer events

We’ve recently been trying to soak up the remainder of summer- and I love any reason to have a gathering.  BBQs, dinner on the deck, and game nights around the fire– perfect ways to say “au revoir” to summer!

2.  Apples

How awesome is this picture via

September falls during apple harvest- and I live in the apple capital of the world.  {Which works out pretty well, because I love apples!}  September just seems like a great month to bake an apple pie, or make an apple sangria.  Here’s a recipe I’ve tried out for apple oatmeal cookies with brown butter frosting.  They are delicious! 

3. Football season

Even if you’re not the biggest football fan, football games still give us another reason to gather and have a good time.  I decided this year that I was going to actually follow the games and be a football fan, and I’m really enjoying it so far!  I’m really hoping to head back to my alma mater to catch a Coug game this year.  Plus- there’s tailgating.  Need I say more?

4. Fall fashion

I created this set on Polyvore. I love fall fashion- scarves, boots, sweaters… September is great because it gets colder, but you can still dress up without having to bundle up. Plus, I live in a land where it snows, so in September I can still get away with heels :-)

5. National Miniature Golf Day (September 21st)

Do we even need a reason to play mini golf? Well, if you do, here it is. September 21st is National Mini Golf Day. So find a mini golf course near you and have fun!

6. Hot beverages

Now that it is September, it feels okay ordering a hot latte instead of an iced one.  Maybe it’s because Starbucks waits until September to roll out their famous pumpkin spiced lattes.  Regardless, I love a nice hot coffee.  Don’t get me wrong, I love iced as well, but it doesn’t feel “right” ordering a hot beverage during summer- so September gives me the okay to go hot.

7. Dark manis

How pretty is this fall palette? I made sure to do the brightest of brights on my nails this summer, but now I’m ready for these fabulous darker shades for fall!

8. National Coffee Day (September 29th)

I love coffee. And I have it every day. But, I’m thinking National Coffee Day might just be a good excuse for me to make a Starbucks run later in the day :-)

So– there you have it. Eight reasons to love September. Make the most of a wonderful month!

Wishing you the best of September moments.

Happy Friday!



  1. Love these reasons. September in the Northwest is the best.
    Jordyn || Pretty Lovely

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