Cheddar & Ham Soup with Beer Bread

Is it really October 24th?  This month has flown by- and I’ve adored every minute of it.  Fall has been coming slowly and beautifully here in the Pacific Northwest.  As I type I am drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  Yes, it may be 7 p.m. but I don’t care.  As the nights get chillier, I can’t help but cozy up with a hot beverage.  And tonight it’s coffee.  Besides… I need a little caffeine motivation because I have a lot to get done before the weekend.

Saturday we are throwing a Halloween Party, and I’ve slowly been putting decorations together with things I have around the house.  (Thank you Pinterest!)  I will be taking lots of pictures, and I can’t wait to share them hopefully next week!

Early this month I shared my fall bucket list.  I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to cross off most of what’s on the list.  What’s left I know I will cross off in the days to come.  One of the things I’ve crossed off already is “make soup.”  Today, I want to share the recipe.

This soup recipe comes from one of my Taste of Home cookbooks.  I love Taste of Home, and I am currently subscribed to the magazine.  So many of the recipes are simple but still so tasty.  This recipe in particular is so fast- I was surprised it tasted so good.  I mean, you think soup, cooking a long time, soaking up flavors… but this soup is not lacking at all, even with it’s speedy prep + cook time!


I served this cheddar and ham soup with beer bread from scratch.  If you have never made beer bread before, you have to!  It is so easy to make.  So easy.  I’m talking, one bowl- no kneading- no letting it rise.  It does have to bake for 50-60 minutes though, so prepare for that amount of time in the oven.  But back to the soup.  This soup is really tasty, and with the amount of time it takes to make, it will always be one of my go-to soups.  If you don’t have all of the ingredients, get creative!  Here is the soup recipe.


And now for the beer bread.  I was so happy to stumble across this recipe.  Thank you Sarah from Short Stop Blog!  This recipe is a keeper.

What have you crossed off of your fall bucket list so far?

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