Little Black Dress + Trench

I adore the LBD + trench look.  Throw in some heels and you’ve got an absolute classic.  I’m happy to say I can even pull off the look for less.  Much less!  For me, it’s all about waiting for the right deal or sale. Which means patience.  Lots of patience.  But it usually pays off in the end… literally.

The dress:  Forever 21 ($15) The coat: Forever 21 ($7.50)  The shoes: Target ($8)

The dress wasn’t even on sale- the full price was $15.00.  I was thrilled to find a lace-sleeved dress, let alone one so inexpensive! And the coat?  It’s not my dream coat, but the color and material was just what I wanted.  It’s very light, so it’s not super warm by itself.  I found it on sale at for $15.00 and they were having a sale where you take an extra 50% off all sale items.  That made it a whopping $7.50!  Needless to say, I jumped on it.  And then the heels were on sale as well.  Score!

The coat comes with a belt as well.  Love it!

Isn’t this the truth?

Here you can see the dress a little bit better.  Another thing about it- for $15, it is really comfortable!  I was expecting stiff icky fabric, but it’s not like that at all.  {Clutch from Coach}

Why not take pictures in a pear orchard?

Where is your favorite LBD or trench from?

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