Wine Wednesday: Red Diamond Merlot

Happy Wine Wednesday!  This Wednesday’s wine of choice is this Red Diamond Merlot, made in Washington State.

Like all great wines, there’s a story behind this one.

I (a tad apprehensively,  I’ll admit) asked my other half to pick up a bottle of red wine to have with dinner one night.  I usually lean towards various red blends that tend to be on the softer side, although my horizons are broadening thank goodness.  What does my husband pick up?  Not a red blend, but a merlot!  Now, I had only tried a merlot one other time and it was so bitter and very dry.  I looked at Marty (husband’s name) as he proudly set down the bottle of Red Diamond Merlot.  In all fairness, it was red.  I asked for a red wine, right?  I told him that it wasn’t really what I was hoping he’d get, and I could see the look of defeat settling across his face.  Quickly trying to recover his mood I said, “Well, I’ve only tried a merlot once and didn’t like it– but this one could be good!!”

And, happy ending to the story, it was good.

It’s nothing like the merlot I had tried previously.  It’s on the softer side, not harsh, and even a little airy. The flavor is strong but fruit undertones really make this wine enjoyable.  (I’m by no means a wine connoisseur, I just know what I like.)

And there you have it, my wine choice for this wine Wednesday.

Happy wine Wednesday to all!  Half way through the work week :-)


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