What will your Pet do for Fresh?

I’m an animal lover.

There.  I said it.  Animals make me happy.  I was that little girl who had “a puppy” at the top of her Christmas list, every. single. year. And, I knew my husband was “the one” when he offered to get a puppy with me while we were dating.

My wish became a reality when we adopted our Katie-bug from the pound when we were engaged.  Eight months later we got our Westie, Joey.  While my hubby says, “two’s enough for now” I would easily become the crazy dog lady if he would let me.  (There’s so many pups that need loving homes!  Can’t I take them all in?!)

As you can probably imagine, my dogs are family. I want them to be healthy and happy, but I also love spoiling them any chance I get.  While I can’t exactly get inside either of their heads- I have a feeling that the dog food they eat is just a matter of satisfying hunger.  I feel awful that I can’t feed them the delicious foods on my own plate, but it’s not worth risking their health to make them happy for a few bites.  Which made me wonder, why can’t they make dog food more like real food?

Have you guys heard of Freshpet?  I’m kinda, super-intrigued.  They seem to have answered my question by providing pet food that is refrigerated.  (AKA fresh!!)  I’m talking dog food that your dog can get excited about.  To better illustrate this point, check out this new Freshpet video. It is too cute!

Adorable, right?  I love the part when he rides the chair…  What a little smarty pants. After watching this video and learning a little more about Freshpet, I was beyond thrilled when I was offered a product sample to try on my own pups.  (They have cat food too!)

When the pup goodies arrived on my front porch I quickly removed them from the cooler and put them in the fridge in the garage. When I came back to the kitchen, my Katie girl was investigating the cooler the food and treats had come in.  Dogs have such a crazy sense of smell…


Yeah, after this post it’s no secret that this adopted mutt of mine doesn’t have the best manners.  I take full responsibility for this- and I’m not complaining.   She’s a great dog in all other aspects, she just thinks she’s one of the people :)

When I brought the Freshpet food and treats out, my dogs were very intrigued.  They sniffed & licked the packaging while shooting me hopeful glances that seemed to say, “Aren’t you going to open these for us?!”

IMG_7700c IMG_7702c IMG_7708c IMG_7709c

I started with a turkey bacon treat for each of them, one at a time.  Their reaction was pretty much what I expected: super excited.  The treat actually looks like bacon, which is awesome considering most treats we buy for our dogs look like dog treats. :)

IMG_7717crop IMG_7720c IMG_7723c IMG_7724c IMG_7727cIMG_7729c

For the actual dog food, I only gave them a little bit mixed in with their other dog food because it’s new.  (The Freshpet website tells you all about how to slowly incorporate the new food in with the old to make sure you don’t give your dog an upset tummy.)  As I was cutting up some of the chicken, vegetable and rice dog food, my dogs were jumping around and sniffing like crazy.  They were getting excited.  For dog food.  (Insert satisfied puppy-mama grin here.)  It was like I was feeding them more treats by the way they were acting!

IMG_7741c IMG_7746

Needless to say, they scarfed it down.  I can’t wait to try the other kinds on them.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to always keep a package (or two) of the turkey bacon in the fridge, considering it’s their new favorite treat.

So, let’s answer the question, “What will your pet do for fresh?”  Mine will sit, shake, and jump around excitedly.  (Hopefully I don’t have any fridge break-ins…)  And now I’m just really happy to have found a fresh pet food/treat brand that keeps my dogs healthy, happy, and spoiled.

If you want to learn more, check out the Freshpet website.  It’s full of useful information, not to mention adorable pet pictures. There’s even a quiz you can take to help figure out what kind is best for your pet.   Find out what your pet will do for fresh :)

Happy Monday all!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are completely my own (and my dogs’)

p.s. I wish you all could see my dogs as I write this.  They are zonked out at my feet. Apparently the modeling life is ruff. ;)


  1. “Ruff” Ha! I actually let out an audible groan. Haha

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