Weekend Recap

Wow. I went a whole week with no new blog posts, and it’s already time for another weekend recap!  This last week & weekend was super busy, but the good kind of busy.  I know I kind of failed at updating the blog, but- the good news is I did a lot of blog-related projects, which means I have some good things in store for the future.  So stay tuned :)

Thursday my bestie came to stay with me for the tail-end of her spring break, which means I was a very happy girl all weekend.  I love her visits!  Thursday night after work she and I went to a local bar to play pool.  We are no good, so what should be a 15 minute game is a 45 minute game for us.  (And, we of course, are chatting and laughing the whole time.)  We had $1 tacos and beers which felt like college again.

53748c8eb93d11e386d212c8c2347e5b_8257a11beb93d11e3a91512c3ca72cc49_8Friday after work we BBQed on the deck and sipped on mason jar drinks.  The weather was a tad chilly, but since I’m so eager to enjoy the deck this year- I didn’t mind it one bit.  The night carried on wonderfully as we talked, laughed, played games and danced around the kitchen.

b0c9452eb6e411e390ff12de80ce2bd1_8Saturday was crazy busy for us ladies in the kitchen!  My mom came over and we all spent most of the day baking!  I have a delicious, wonderful, aaahmazing treat to share soon:)  Aside from that, we also baked a chocolate cake for a family friend’s birthday.  We made sure to give ourselves a break with a card game and some spring sangria.  (Which, I will also be sharing soon!)

93de6a2eb93d11e3ad470e6af5350ef3_8Decorating a chocolate frosted cake doesn’t always look as good as decorating a cake frosted in vanilla, so I decided to try out an idea I found on Pinterest.  I basically just cut out a large W (the first initial of the birthday boy’s name) from printer paper and placed it over the cake.  I sprinkled powdered sugar to make the W and carefully removed the paper.  It’s by no means perfect, but I like how it turned out.

The birthday party was a blast.  My family is crazy.  We had dinner, cake, and a competitive game of Pictionary on the Wii.  My nephew and brother ended up having a dance off in the living room which was quite possibly one of the funniest things ever.  I was laughing nonstop the whole time.

b6a61ec6b93d11e38f3c0ab06fdbedbd_8Sunday, we took our coffee to go and went to church.  We came home, had breakfast and my bestie left back to school.  What a busy weekend!  I can’t  wait to share what I’ve been working on!

Hope you all had a great Monday.  Here’s to a new week!

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