Find Beauty Wherever You Go

Collecting moments.  This is pretty much my goal in life- to collect as many moments as possible. That’s a big reason why I started this blog.  Moments don’t collect dust.  It’s absolutely true.  I want to spend less time trying to “get more stuff” and more time trying to collect more moments.  Having this blog inspires me to do just that.

A girl + her camera.  It’s a beautiful thing.  When I have my camera, I feel empowered.  Yes, I will be collecting these moments, but I will also be capturing them.  Moments are fleeting, but with my camera I can keep them forever.

Today I want to share a little sneak peak of an outfit post I have coming, as well as a picture of a moment I collected this weekend.  So thankful for my husband, who doesn’t mind being my paparazzi for a day!

IMG_6742 copyThis picture was taken fairly close to our home.  We were stopped at a gravel turn-out on the side of the road, admiring the view of our valley and surrounding mountains.  It was fun, in my heels and all, and I’m sure we got some strange looks from drivers passing by.  Nonetheless, I loved this moment, and I’m happy to have added it to my collection. Find beauty wherever you go.  (Even if you don’t go very far.)




  1. Found your blog on instagram! Love it :). I live in London, but would love to visit the North West!


    • Oh, thank you Hannah! I’m glad I found you on Instagram, your pictures are wonderful! I’ve never been to London, but it is on my list. I’ll be sure to stop by your blog!

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