My Adopted Puppy

In lieu of my fairly new board on Pinterest (Puppy love.) I’m going to share a couple snapshots of my first puppy.  My then fiance and I adopted her from our local humane society. I highly recommend adopting for anyone in the market for a dog!  Trust me- one visit to the pound and you will want to take them all home.

When we adopted our little miss- the shelter told us that she was a lab/ boxer mix.  Now- this was a guess, and to be honest, she didn’t really look like that type of mix.  I have since called her my grab bag puppy, because we really had no idea what we were getting.  We did know one thing though… She was so adorable.

Without further ado, I introduce my Katie-bug.

Pretty cute, right?

We had SO many people thinking she was a Jack Russell when she was a puppy, and just to clarify, she is not!  Her color/ markings are very similar to a Jack Russell, but she is a much larger breed.  (She is now almost a year and a half and weighs sixty pounds.) My hubby and I always joke and say she’s got about ten different types of dog in her.

Love this face.

I definitely would love to adopt another dog someday- maybe an older one, since puppy’s are almost guaranteed to find homes.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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