West Coast Adventure {Day 4}

Day 4 – Napa, CA Day 4 of our west coast adventure was wine tour day. All wine, all day. Thankfully we got to sleep in a little bit so we were perfectly rested for it. Coffee in bed instead of on the road? Yes please! We booked our Napa Valley wine tour through Platypus Tours, and I highly… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 3}

Day 3 – Klamath, CA | Napa, CA Day 3 started early again, before the sunrise. We took this picture from our hotel parking lot as we were packing up to leave. Goodbye, Oregon! You were lovely. From Gold Beach, we didn’t have too far to go until we were over the border to California… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 2}

Day 2 – Portland, OR | Tillamook, OR | Highway 101, OR | Gold Beach, OR Washington was awesome, and now it’s Oregon’s turn! We woke up super early (at like 4 a.m.) so we could be on the road by 5 a.m. We drove the three hours to Portland, where we knew there were… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 1}

This next series of posts has been a long time coming, y’all. At the end of August, Merry and I went on a west coast road trip that knocked our socks off. I planned and planned and planned the whole thing to make it super affordable and jam-packed. If you guys want me to do… [Read More]

Road Trip Recovery

I’M BAAAACK! Thursday I got home from the craziest adventure ever, where we drove thousands of miles, visited 7 different states, stayed in 8 different hotels, saw ocean, saw forests, saw desert, and even the Grand Canyon. Needless to say, I’m laying way low this weekend in attempts to recover. Right now I’m sitting in… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure Countdown!

Guys. Merry and I are leaving for our EPIC west coast bestie adventure in LESS THAN ONE MONTH!!!! If the countdown wasn’t officially on in April when I booked everything, it’s absolutely on now! I’ve planned almost all the details which means not one second of our road trip vacation will go uncelebrated/ unenjoyed. I’m… [Read More]

Road Trip Fashion

Remember how I spilled the beans about an amazing road trip I’ve got in the works for August of this year? Welp, I’m already dreaming planning away all the fun details. I LOVE DETAILS. And with how much awesomeness we are going to cram into 12 days, my plan game has to be on point. I figured… [Read More]

Adventure is Waiting

I have something to share! I’m going on a road trip in August! Merry will be my partner in crime, and we are hitting the open road and driving to a ton of cool places. I. CAN’T. WAIT. We haven’t been on a “just the two of us” adventure like this since our California road… [Read More]

Spokane Weekend

Earlier in March I road-tripped with my ‘rents to Spokane for my little brother’s last AAU basketball tournament. Spokane is really close to Cheney, which is where Merry, my bestie, lives and goes to school. We had a great weekend. Here’s a rundown of what we did! 1. Stopped for breakfast at Glaze on our… [Read More]

From Oregon back to Washington

Alright guys- this is the last day of our crazy road trip to California! Last I left you we were camping on the coast in Oregon… in our car. We thankfully survived the night- Merry didn’t die of heat stroke, and I managed to brave the dark night in the woods. I’m not sure if it was… [Read More]