Gluten & Dairy Free Birthday Party

Yep, we did it.  My mom and I managed to throw a gluten and dairy free birthday party, when neither of us are gluten or dairy free. Why, then, would we do such a thing, you ask? Because the party was for my sister-in-law, who is gluten and dairy free.  Every holiday we rack our brains to try and… [Read More]

Details of a 9th Birthday

Hey guys.  April is my nephew, Spencer’s, birthday month.  He turned 9 on the 13th, and my sis-in-law threw a great football themed party at a local gymnastic place.  The kids got to run around, jumping on trampolines, doing somersaults on mats, and basically do a ton of fun activities that would leave me sore… [Read More]

Weekend Recap

Wow. I went a whole week with no new blog posts, and it’s already time for another weekend recap!  This last week & weekend was super busy, but the good kind of busy.  I know I kind of failed at updating the blog, but- the good news is I did a lot of blog-related projects, which means… [Read More]

Superbowl Birthday Brunch

I love birthdays.  I don’t ever see myself getting to the age where I want to let my birthday sneak by without any celebration.  Hey, living another year is a blessing to be celebrated!  That being said, I am also a believer that we are entitled to a birthday week.  Cake before dinner?  Sure, it’s… [Read More]

PNW Blogger Holiday Party

Kayla and Holly here!  We are very excited to finally be sharing our experiences from the Pacific Northwest Blogger Holiday Party!  It was so much fun, and we met a lot of great people. It was a first experience for both of us, and it hopefully will not be a last experience.  The party was… [Read More]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

Okay you guys… this post is much overdue.  A long time ago, I did a post on my Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower, and I really enjoyed sharing the details of the event.  The only thing?  I was a newbie blogger, photographer, and photoshopper.  (Yes, I did just make up the word photoshopper.)  Now, I… [Read More]

Pumpkin Carving Party

Happy Halloween Eve! Last night we had the annual family pumpkin carving party at my house.  There are only two words needed to describe this event:  fun mayhem.  When my family gets together it is always mayhem.  BUT, it is absolutely fun mayhem.  Between the kids and the grown-ups who still act like kids… we… [Read More]

Our First Halloween Party

I love relaxing Sundays.  That’s what today has been.  This morning, I got to sip my coffee while my Westie pup snuggled next to me and twinkle lights softly glistened on my headboard.  (I keep twinkle lights up on my headboard year round because I love them too much to take them down ever.)  Last… [Read More]