Summer 2017

It’s so crazy to me that summer is officially coming to an end. As always, it was a super busy one and really soaked up every ounce of energy I had. Can fall please be a little more relaxing? ;) Just until baby comes, of course!

Today I just want to share a little recap of what our summer 2017 looked like – our last summer just the two of us. Our last summer before baby girl’s arrival. Whoa. 

We did a lot of your typical summer things: days at the lake, countless BBQs, and picnics by the river. We went on lots of evening walks, had good meals out with good friends, and even welcomed a niece into the world. We watched my cousin get married in the August sunshine, went on a couple road trips, and did lots of baby-prep. I even took the bump paddle-boarding! It was a super sweet summer, but I have a feeling next summer will be even sweeter.

What were your summer 2017 highlights?


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