I love October

It’s a cold morning, my little bestie and I are up before the sun, snuggled under a knit blanket with a hot coffee for me and milk & Cheerios for her. Oh, and it’s Sunday so we don’t have to do anything this morning. Perfection.

I think October has become my very favorite month, all thanks to Milly being born October 19th. I remember being pregnant with her and being so excited when October came and it was her due date month. Now I look forward to it because I’m beyond excited to celebrate her, plus it’s the perfect start of the holiday season – which is also my favorite.

I’ve been planning her second birthday for an embarrassingly long time now, and I’m happy to say I’m basically done with prep! (Shopping, crafting, etc.) When I haven’t been party planning, I’ve been making the most of fall with our Milly girl.

But first, let’s wrap up our summer – hah. We had some time by the water for Labor Day weekend, and spend as much time hanging outside as possible. Pretty crazy to say that we were swimming at the beginning of September and then seeing snow at the end of it!

The target dollar spot got me again and I stocked up on all the fun little festive things for Milly – including a pumpkin that Milly could play with since she was always asking for my glass ones. We’ve taken lots of walks to the park in the crisp air, made some festive treats, decorated, and even went to the pumpkin patch this weekend. (Separate post on that coming.)

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