Emilia – 5 Months

Hey there! I’m trying to get caught up on these monthly posts in hopes that I can do them regularly. (We’ll see…)

My little bestie turned five months old in March. By this point she was rolling easily, and making herself angry at night because of it. One nap she rolled to her tummy, got mad, and instead of rolling her back over I just gave her her paci and she went right to sleep. She always sleeps on her tummy now and we’ve never looked back!

We started getting more and more laughs, although we had to work for them! Which means we made fools of ourselves a lot with no laughs to show for it, but her giggle is the best sound on the planet – so worth it! She would also mimic sounds I’d make sometimes. I just love our little convos!

We gave her rice cereal for the first time and she was not a fan. But at least we tried. At night when she would get upset because her bottle wasn’t ready yet, I could always walk her over to her bookshelves and she would instantly stop crying. She loves her books! And we love her!

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