Emilia – 4 Months

Tomorrow is Milly’s HALF BIRTHDAY, and I’m still a couple months behind on these… so let’s get to it!

Things changed a lot between three and four months. My maternity leave ended, sob. I went from being home with my baby all the time to being home with her part time. I’m in the office three days out of the week, and working from home the rest. It’s so nice – I’m so thankful my employer was willing to work with me. I really don’t know if I would’ve been able to handle being away from her five days a week.

We stopped swaddling Milly just before four months and moved her into her own room. This was also right around the time sleep regression hit us smack dab in the face. Her baby babble would always make my day, and me singing to her would always make her day. Other favorites included bath time, and eating her hands. We also were struggling pretty hard with a baby who hated car rides. But, at the end of the day – this little girl has a smile that lights up our lives.


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