Friday Favorites


Here are some of my current favorites!

Stretch Island Fruit Leather. I think I mentioned these in a previous post. We get them from Costco and they totally satisfy my constant fruit craving!

THE BEACH. I’m super missing having the beach for a backyard like we did a few weeks ago. I can’t wait to share all about our little weekend getaway – it was perfect!

This recipe for banana muffins. I’ve made these lots of times, but I always just use two bananas and I add chocolate chips. They are SO GOOD.

I went to Bath and Body Works the other day for their annual 75% off sale and ended up buying all the coconut things! I snagged a coconut 3 wick candle, two different coconut scented body washes, and some hand soaps (which were the real reason I went in the first place). I’m loving the summer scents!

Also, this recipe for peach dump cake. With a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream – it is delicious and perfect for summer. Plus, it’s just a few ingredients!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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