My First Trimester

I can talk about it now because I made it through, but OH MY GOODNESS was the first trimester awful! I got hit bad with the morning all day sickness. It started on week six (which I refer to as week sick) and lasted all the way until week 13. I threw up too many times to count, could not cook a meal or even go into the grocery store because food grossed me out so much, and I went to sleep no later than 7:30pm every single night. I found that I would need to eat something every two hours because if I let myself get the slightest bit hungry, I would be too nauseous to want to eat anything. (I learned this the hard way on several occasions.) This basically meant that even though food grossed me out, I was constantly having to think about food throughout the day. It was a game of, what’s something I can eat right now that won’t make me sick? In which I would list options one at a time and either go “ew, gross”, or “I guess that sounds okay.” It was so exhausting, especially since sometimes I never made it to an option that sounded okay.

I wish that I had learned all the good tricks of keeping the nausea at bay so I could share them here, but honestly – I don’t think I had a handle on it at all. The things that did help me are:
-My husband. (!!!) I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t want to eat anything in the house, and he would go out and grab whatever was the one thing that didn’t make me nauseous at the moment. (Without complaining!) He did all of the grocery shopping during that time, all the errand running, all the dishes (dirty dishes in the sink = major gag inducer), and lots of other things in between. I was constantly thanking my lucky stars for him.
-Talking to ladies who’ve been there before. I loved hearing advice of how other mamas survived, even if the advice didn’t work for me. One of my besties told me she ate a lot of bagels and cream cheese, which ended up being something I could stomach that was a nice change of pace from the toast I’d been eating daily.
-An understanding workplace. Seriously. I am so thankful that I was able to tell my manager when this dreaded phase hit and he so graciously let me stay home if things were really bad. I also was able to work from home some too, which was great. (I could run from the desk and puke in the comfort of my own home if needed.)
-Mints! I found that I would get a disgusting taste in my mouth for no reason during the day, which definitely didn’t keep my stomach from churning. I bought mints to keep it at bay when brushing my teeth wasn’t an option.

Rereading the above makes me wish I had some magic products or something that I used that helped me tremendously, but I don’t. I literally ate whatever sounded good to me at the moment (which I’m sure is different for everyone), I drank water almost exclusively (I tried drinking other stuff but most of it was too sweet for me at the time), and I slept, A LOT.

I started doing weekly chalkboard bumpdates at 10 weeks. Here are the ones from my first trimester!

Peace out first trimester! I’m not too sad to see you go ;)


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