Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

After being sick most of last week and being thrown back into the work grind this week – it felt like this day would never come. #exaggeration

Today is a half day for me at work, hooray! The hubby and I are headed to Spokane for an event his work is putting on. It should be fun! Tomorrow morning we’re planning on having breakfast with my bestie while we’re in her neck of the woods, and I’m hoping the hubs will let us sneak in a Trader Joe’s run before heading back home. I want to get in some more home organization for the rest of the weekend. We made some good progress on the our garage last Sunday, and I want to keep up that momentum!

Enough rambling – here are some things I’m loving lately!

Hunter rain boots. Seriously, I love slipping these on for those days when I just don’t want to get my feet wet. Which is pretty much every day.

Banana bread + chocolate chips. Why have I never had this until recently? Usually I like my banana bread so much as is, but one day I just wanted chocolate. SO good. I’ll make it on a Sunday and the husband and I will eat it for breakfast all week. This has been my go-to recipe, using olive oil, maple syrup, and – of course – chocolate chips.

Ashley Bell. This is a book by Dean Koontz that husband got me for Christmas. I’m only a little over 100 pages in, but the story is so interesting so far! I can’t wait to finish it.

VALENTINE’S DAY. I don’t know why but I’m extra excited for Valentine’s Day festiveness this year. Bring on the pink and chocolate everything.

The fact that it’s still light out when I get off at work. #springiscoming

Alright y’all – I’m signing off for the weekend! Be sure to check back on Monday – I plan on sharing my festive plans for this Valentine’s season :) Have a FAB weekend!


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