Hello 2017


I’m so excited for this year. I’m sure I feel that way about every year, but this one has especially gotten off to an amazing start. I celebrated my birthday (January 10th) on Maui with my best friend and my husband, and I had such a wonderful time. I loved trading in our single-digit temps for Maui’s 80 degree weather. I’m back now though, and I’m looking out at a very frozen snowy landscape as I write this at my dining room table.

New year, and new age. (27 now!) I feel like a lot of people use new year’s resolutions to think about the things they want to quit or do less of. (Less coffee, less donuts, etc.) But my resolutions are almost always things I want to do more of, or new things I want to try. I’ve jotted down a few:

  • travel
  • more yoga
  • more blogging
  • take the dogs to the beach
  • learn how to garden
  • complete a reading challenge

These are just a few. I’ve already started in on the travel (Maui), more blogging, and reading challenge – yippee! The rest will hopefully follow :)

What are your resolutions for 2017?

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