Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Did anyone else have one of those weeks that just wouldn’t end? I hate being one of those people that waits for the weekend, but man- this was just one of those weeks! It’s been overcast for days,
work was that awkward mix of slow and busy, and I have some awesome plans for this weekend which made things drag even slower. Know what I mean? Alas, we made it! And now I get a weekend filled with family time, my
birthday celebration, the Super Bowl (GO HAWKS), brunch with my love, and a few other things. Speaking of the Super Bowl, I’ve themed my Friday favorites around the event. Here they are:

Favorite Super Bowl Appetizer: Iowa Girl Eats nails it every time- love her! These buffalo chicken poppers she made look amazing! Plus, she serves ’em up with an easy avocado bleu cheese dip!

Favorite Football Team: Seahawks all the way! What are the odds that the first year I decide to learn football and watch all the games, the team I’m rooting for goes to the Super Bowl and WINS?! Better yet, what are the odds that they go to the Super bowl TWO YEARS IN A ROW after I start watching? So much fun – go hawks!!

Favorite Super Bowl Breakfast: Last year my family and I celebrated our January birthdays on the morning of the Super Bowl with a festive brunch. A cake donut tower was my brunch must-have- it was perfect!

Favorite Bad Lip Read: Okay, I know this is really old, but this makes me laugh every single time I watch it. Whoever did this is genius. So funny to see these big tough football players “say” some of these things!

Favorite “Team Spirit” Wine: 12th Blend wine! I’ve never actually tried this wine, but I’ve seen it before on social media and am really wanting a bottle!

12th-Blend (1)
Favorite Super Bowl Dessert: Cookie dough footballs. These are so cute, and who’s gonna hate on cookie dough anything?


Favorite NFL Moment: This has been a pretty spectacular season for our Seahawks, one with plenty of memorable moments on and off the field. Personally, my favorite moment would be attending my very first game in
November. I really want to go to another!


GO HAWKS! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Girl, those buffalo poppers look amazing. You’ll have to let me know how they are if you try them!

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