Friday Favorites

TGIF! Hooray, hooray- we made it through the week! I’ve been super excited for this weekend for a couple reasons: my bestie is coming to town, and we are going to Winterfest in Chelan tomorrow! I’ve never been, but I know we’ll have a great time. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Here are my favorite finds from this week!

Favorite Quarterback: I adore this guy. He is such an inspiration and wonderful role model. And, in case y’all didn’t know- Seahawks are going BACK TO THE SUPERBOWL! In Russ we trust:)


Favorite Ears: Teehee. This picture makes me smile.


Favorite K-Cup: I loved Caffe Verona ground coffee, so I’m loving it the convenience of these Caffe Verona K-Cups. I haven’t tried a lot of K-Cups, but Caffe Verona is probably my favorite of what I have tried. My go-to blend!


Favorite Soup: I had asparagus soup for the first time at my in-laws and it was SO amazing. This recipe from A Beautiful Mess looks delicious- and it has potatoes added in to up the fill-factor! I’m sure loving National Soup Month so far…


Favorite Beach Scene: Could you imagine?


Favorite Birthday Cake: It’s still my birthday month! We haven’t had my family birthday party yet, so cake inspiration is still needed! This one looks wonderful.


Favorite Drink Sleeve: Have you guys seen the new line? So many goodies! I adore this drink sleeve!


And with that, I welcome you to the weekend! I hope you have a great one!


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