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Ahem, sorry. Had to let that out! This will officially be my Vegas Round 4! If you’re wondering why on Earth I will have gone to Vegas 4 times by the age of 25, I’ll tell you. Trip #1 was actually for a conference: PCMA Convening Leaders. My friend and I went as students representing our school, WSU. I also, happened to turn 21 the first day we were down there. So, now I get to say I turned 21 in Vegas!


Trip #2 was more of a whim. We road tripped down to San Diego and up through LA to visit some family, and decided to stop through Vegas for a few nights on our way back because my bestie had never been.


Trip #3 was just last September and a huge group of us went to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday.


Fast forward to this trip which is in honor of my 25th birthday. Why Vegas, when I’ve been so many times already? Because while we were searching for somewhere to go for my birthday (we were mainly considering Disneyland because I’ve never been… I know) we got a pamphlet in the mail from the Total Rewards program Marty had signed up for during our last Vegas trip. It was offering us FREE hotel for select nights! We hopped on and selected the dates we would want and found that we could go to Vegas and have the hotel be FREE! Better yet? We could get a room with two queens and take my parents!!! All we would have to pay for is the flight, which was a really decent price. Well, and all the fun things we would do while down there… :)

I am SO stoked though, because my dear mother has never been. I can’t wait to be there when she first experiences the craziness that is Las Vegas. I have LOTS of awesomeness planned for our visit that will allow her to see almost everything. (All the good stuff at least, heh.) You know how I adore planning:) I can’t wait to share about the trip after! I’m thinking a good “Vegas for first timers” post will come out of it. Stay tuned!

Since we leave tomorrow, I thought I’d share what I’m packing for the 3 night stay in Vegas in January. 3 nights is not a lot, so you can get away with just taking a carry on and not checking a bag. The first time I went to Vegas was in January as well, so I know that the weather is warmer than it is here, but it is not warm. Therefore, I’m planning on layers.

Since I’m going to act as a “Vegas tour guide” on this trip- showing my parents around the strip, I created an itinerary that will allow us to leisurely experience all the hotels without wandering aimlessly with no direction. Knowing what you’ll be doing beforehand makes packing a lot easier. To start outfit planning, I printed out our itinerary and wrote down a basic overview of the outfit changes I’d be needing.

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Make sure you check the forecast before you go! For Vegas I’m looking at highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. After the below freezing temps we’ve had here, I will absolutely take it! I used different colored sharpies to determine where I might be changing out of day clothes into dressier attire for dinner and what-not at night.

Here’s a run down on the clothes I’m taking, which all fit nicely with room to spare in my carry-on suitcase.











I have a dress I’m taking too that’s not pictured above. Here are my potential outfits for both flights and the three days we’ll be in Vegas. I may not change for dinner every night, but even if I don’t- a girl’s gotta have options:)


I’m planning on wearing boots pretty much the whole time we are down there because they are comfortable and warm, but the tennis shoes and flats I’m bringing are comfy as well and don’t take up much room. Three pairs of shoes is pretty good- I’m proud of myself for not taking more than five :) Not pictured is the pea-coat I will be taking. I’ll wear it onto the plane, as well as the boots I’m bringing because they are my heaviest items. Everything into the suitcase…


And I still have plenty of room for my bathroom essentials, PJs, and delicates.

Ahhhh, I’m so excited! You won’t be hearing from me much while I’m gone, but be sure to stop by on my birthday (Saturday, January 10th) for a special post in honor of my 25th! OH, and don’t forget that you can still win a yummy smelling Lush package!

Alright you guys- I’m off. Hopefully I can sleep tonight, since we will be up at around 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. I’ll probably be too excited to get a decent night’s sleep, but here’s hoping:)

Have a wonderful week!



  1. So fun! You are so organized about packing and planning. I usually just throw random stuff in there and figure out outfits later! I should do this.


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