#theoneinvegas {part 3}

Hey all! Today I’m sharing my final installment of my recent Vegas trip recap! Catch part 1 here and part 2 here!

Friday was our last full day in Vegas. We started our day the same way we did the day before- by the pool!


The weather was hot, hot, hot! We relaxed in the sun for awhile, hopping in the pool to cool off. I wish I could start every day this way…

As it neared lunchtime- I knew I couldn’t stay by the pool all day. We headed back up to the room to shower and get ready for the day.


Now, I had a place I knew I wanted to find for a sweet snack, but I knew I needed something substantial as well. We wanted something fast and easy because we had early dinner plans later on so we ended up grabbing a slice of pizza from the pizza shop right by the elevators in our hotel. (Confession: we SO grabbed a slice of pizza here before going to bed after our club crawl the first night at 3 a.m!!! No shame here- it absolutely hit the spot!) Piece of advice though- SHARE! The slices here are legitimately two huge slices! Not joking- you order a slice and they give you 1/4 of the pizza!! Yeah it’s greasy, but it was pretty good and inexpensive.

After we inhaled our pizza slice- we wandered through our hotel over to The LINQ. The LINQ is BRAND new to Vegas and it is SO cool! The hotel itself wasn’t open while we were there, but there was an outdoor area with shops, bars, restaurants, and other cool places I believe called the Quad? I could be wrong, but regardless, it was awesome. We really enjoyed exploring it.


We stopped to get a picture with this giant Flamingo outside our hotel while we were en route to Sprinkles! We were girls on a mission to find ourselves a cupcake. Not just from any ol’ cupcake shop though. From a cupcake ATM! 

IMG_1677c IMG_8257


I think these should be EVERYWHERE! Could you imagine? So cool! I was giddy as we stepped up to make our transaction. Hehe. If you’re wondering- the ATM is connected to their actual bakery- so you can just head on in to place your order as well:) But who doesn’t want to get a cupcake from a cupcake ATM?!

IMG_1676 IMG_8245 IMG_8247c IMG_8249

We split a red velvet cupcake, and it was amaaaaazing! There were so many other flavors I wanted to try, but alas- we managed to find some self control and just split the one. After all, we had fabulous dinner plans for a little bit later…

We continued meandering through the LINQ/Quad area- checking out all the new places. There’s this new thing called “High Roller” that is basically like a huge ferris wheel that has little room-orb things and you apparently can have drinks and it takes you around very slowly til you complete one full circle (which takes like 30 minutes) & apparently the views from the top are killer. We didn’t go on it, but here’s a picture. It’s HUGE!


We also got a Polaroid taken;)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We worked up a thirst from all our exploring, and headed back through to the Flamingo to find the nearest happy hour. Marty dropped Merry and  I off at the outdoor bar at Carlos’n Charlies while he headed inside to play the slots. The frozen margaritas were two for one, so we ordered up and sipped in the shade, enjoying the view.

IMG_8255c IMG_8258 IMG_8259c

We enjoyed a relaxed afternoon with our frozen margaritas, chatting and laughing. Before we knew it, it was time to head up to the room to freshen up for dinner. A quick change of clothes and makeup touch-up and we were ready to go!


I was so PUMPED for dinner! I was practically skipping down the strip on our way:) The weather was lovely. 


Where were we headed? To the Cosmopolitan- my favorite hotel in Vegas- for dinner with our friends Alec & Holly at Wicked Spoon! Wicked Spoon is the Cosmopolitan’s buffet, but it is not your average buffet. It costs about $40 per person for dinner on a Friday night, but it’s such an amazing dining experience. My hubby and I both agree we would pay it again:) There are a few reasons why I thought this place was awesome so let me list them out for you:

1. HUGE variety. I can’t even begin to tell you.
2. Single serve portions. Many of the options at Wicked Spoon are portioned out. For example, the salads are already made and dressed in small bowls, fried chicken is served in a mini fryer basket, fried rice is served in a mini to go container, etc. So not only is the food delicious, but it has amazing presentation. Not something common to buffets…
3. A macaroni bar!! The gentleman working the station was super nice while he whipped up our concoction of cheddar cheese, bacon, and green onions. It. was. AMAZING. And there are loads of options for what you can add!
4. Gelato! Lots of gelato! And not just any old gelato, DELICIOUS gelato! And you can eat however much you want! Can’t decide between three flavors? Try all three!

I could go on and on, but I won’t. It was really good, let’s just leave it at that:) Oh, AND it was happy hour from 5-7 so we got $5 drinks with dinner! Merry and I each got a margarita which was strong and tasty. Definitely a win for dinner.

IMG_8267IMG_8265c IMG_8266c

I literally would only get like a bite of anything because I wanted to try as much as possible. The highlights for me were crab, hummus, fried chicken, the mac & cheese, a macaron, both flavors of gelato I tried… oh man there were just so many good things! I’m definitely going back during my next Vegas trip!

After dinner Merry, Holly and I ditched the guys so we could have a girl’s night while they went to see the Blue Man Group. We stayed in the Cosmopolitan and went to the Chandelier Bar which is a three story bar inside of a huge chandelier in the middle of the Cosmopolitan casino. It’s so dreamy. The drinks are speeeeendy but tasty. We ordered up and had a wonderful girl’s night in the sparkliest bar in Vegas:)

IMG_8264 IMG_1681 IMG_1680 copy IMG_8273c IMG_8275 c IMG_8269 1971427_269423696584209_1882574965_n

So pretty! I honestly think the Cosmos at the Cosmopolitan are the best I’ve ever had. I’ve gotten one every time I’ve been to Vegas, and while they are super expensive- they’re really good. After we finished our drinks, we wandered down into the casino to try our luck at a couple machines. I’m not much for gambling, but I did manage to come out like $20 ahead from gambling a little here and there:) Eventually we went on a mission to find the Cosmopolitan’s secret pizza shop. It’s secret because there are no signs for it, no advertisements for it, and it’s down a long dark hallway. The reviews online were really good, so I knew I had to pop in while we were there. When we found it, we each got a slice to go. (We were still stuffed from dinner.)


Happily waiting for our secret pizza! By the way, I got the “white pizza” which was topped with ricotta cheese. It was DELISH! I want a slice right now… Definitely going back to this place next time!

When the boys got done with their show, we said goodbye to Alec and Holly and headed for New York New York to meet Joe and Christy, our other friends, who were going to ride the roller coaster. After, we headed back down the strip towards our hotel. We ended up passing by a large courtyard area where music was blasting and a DJ was on the microphone asking anyone who knew the dance “Cupid Shuffle” to come out and do it. There were a ton of people standing around but only 3 or so timidly walked out onto the “dance floor”. I immediately grabbed Merry’s arm and drug her out there with me and we got in position. As we started to do the dance, more and more people came out- it was awesome!

We headed back to our hotel and spent a little time in our casino before calling it a night for the last time. The next morning we were up and at ’em fairly early, packed, checked out and getting shuttled to the airport. I immediately found the nearest Starbucks after we passed through security, and also found some fab reading material for the flight home!


The article about Lauren’s wedding was wonderful- love that girl! Our flight home was on time, and before I knew it we were above the clouds heading towards Seattle. We caught an amazing view of Mt. Rainier on the way!


And that was our trip! Pretty quick, at three days- but I feel like we made the most of it:) This was my third trip to Vegas so I want to share more about some of the awesome things there are to do and see there!

Have you ever been to Vegas? If so, what are your Vegas musts?

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