Date night: Tennis!

I saw an adorable idea on Pinterest {where most adorable ideas are found these days…} where you recreate your first date.  The first date my hubby and I shared was playing tennis together- so it was really easy to recreate.  We packed up our tennis gear, some water and hit the courts!

Now, even if tennis wasn’t your first date, I still recommend it for a date night.  It’s fun {even if you’re not good at it like me} and it’s active!  Fun and exercise in the same sentence?  Count me in.

The necessities:

All you need are two tennis rackets, a few tennis balls {or one if you don’t mind running/ chasing them more frequently} and water.

Wear tennis shoes and some cute workout attire, and you’re all set for a tennis date night!

Go ahead and spice up the game, too.  My hubby played tennis in high school, and I didn’t, so we don’t usually play by all of the rules.  Just have fun with it.  Maybe a friendly wager- winner gets to pick a movie or a dessert for after the game.  Loser does the dishes. You get the idea :-)

We went to local tennis courts right as the sun was setting, which really provided a great “date” atmosphere.  Plus, since it was August, going as the sun was setting helped us beat the heat.  Now that it’s September, the weather is going to be cooling off, and I’m really excited to get back to the courts for another tennis date night!

Oh, you know… just dancing on the tennis court as the sun goes down.  Even though I’m not all that great at tennis, I still manage to have fun when we play :-)

I’d love to hear any other active date night ideas, if anyone has any to share!

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