Hello Football Season!

Happy Thursday!

I’m super happy right now for lots of reasons!

1. It’s Friday eve! Tomorrow is Friday, and I’m so stoked for the weekend!

2. I get to see my best fraaaaand tomorrow! I’ll be off to visit her after work!

3. The SEAHAWKS first game of the season is tonight! Pre-season actually, but still! I’m so excited! Last year I decided I would take the time to actually learn football as a sport so I could enjoy watching the games as much as my hubby does. I’m so glad I did- football season was a blast last year! It, also, happened to be the year the Seahawks WON THE SUPERBOWL! Does that make me their good luck charm? Yeah, I think so. ;)

4. I get to use the awesome sparkle koozie my hubby got me a couple months ago.


This girl is ready for football season:)  — Never thought I’d say those words!

Welp- husband and I are off to his dad’s for pizza and drinks while watching the game. Hope you guys have an awesome Thursday night! The weekend starts tomorrow!


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