100 Happy Days {31-40}

Hey there lovelies!  It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog with my 100 Happy Days challenge!  Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped or gotten behind or anything.  Just been busy with other things, but such is life :)  Here are days 31-40.  Follow along on Instagram to see my daily posts! (@momentsdontcollectdust)

Day 31: Monday, April 21: A little leftover Easter candy to brighten up my Monday.


Day 32: Tuesday, April 22: Received these adorable cold weather essentials in the mail! Getting ready for Alaska!


Day 33: Wednesday, April 23: Relaxing bath with my Lush goodies.


Day 34: Thursday, April 24: Coworker’s bridal shower after work.


Day 35: Friday, April 25: Karaoke night with the craziest of friends.


Day 36: Saturday, April 26: Such a lovely day for a parade, supporting the kiddos.


Day 37: Sunday, April 27: Had to stop to get a glimpse at one of my favorite views in town.


Day 38: Monday, April 28:  Sweetening Monday up with an easy dessert.


Day 39: Tuesday, April 29: My new weekly ritual.


Day 40: Wednesday, April 30: Retail therapy followed by the loveliest sunset I’d seen all week.


Have you guys jumped on the 100 Happy Days bandwagon yet?  I’ve seen a few more participants pop up on my Instagram feed. It’s such a great challenge, you guys should really try it out!

Happy Monday!

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