100 Happy Days {21-30)

Hey all!  Still going strong over here with my 100 Happy Days challenge!  I have a feeling I’m going to get through with this challenge and still think I need to photograph everything that makes me happy…  That’s alright though- happiness should be documented no matter how small!  Here are days 21-30.  Follow along on Instagram to see my daily posts! (@momentsdontcollectdust)

Day 21: Friday, April 11: New J.Crew socks and a glass of wine after work on Friday.


Day 22: Saturday, April 12: Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Wok About Grill.


Day 23: Sunday, April 13: Celebrating nine years old at my nephew’s birthday party.






















Day 24: Monday, April 14: In a moment of spontaneity, hubby and I booked an Alaskan cruise.


Day 25: Tuesday, April 15: Cozy night in with cinnamon chai tea, chocolates, and a magazine.


Day 26: Wednesday, April 16: Wine Wednesday with a delicious bottle of Jones Rose of Syrah.


Day 27: Thursday, April 17: Strawberries with lunch.


Day 28: Friday, April 18:  Kicking off Easter weekend with peeps at sunset.


Day 29: Saturday, April 19: Easter block party with the neighbors and very delicious orange bowknots.


Day 30: Sunday, April 20: Beautiful Easter Sunday at my mom’s, surrounded by pear blossoms.



If you guys aren’t doing the challenge, I highly recommend it!  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!  xoxo

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