100 Happy Days

Can you be happy 100 days in a row?

Sounds pretty easy, right?  I’m so excited for this because, unlike all those challenges out there where you give up chocolate, or vow to exercise everyday… this is a challenge I can get on board with :)

All you have to do is sign up and then share a picture daily of something that made you happy.  It could be as simple as treating yourself to a coffee, visiting with a friend, or maybe a book you’re enjoying.

71% of people who tried this challenge, failed due to “lack of time.”  Really?  I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty sure I never go a day without being happy.  Life can get mundane, but there is always something good every day- even if you have to look to find it.  book_1.png_1000x1000Wanna join in on the challenge?  Sign up here: http://100happydays.com/    

Follow along with me on Instagram!  My username is @momentsdontcollectdust

If any of you choose to or are taking the challenge, share your information so I can follow along with you!

I’m already super excited for the 100 happy days ahead :)

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