Maui – Day 4

Our fourth day on Maui was the wedding day – Tuesday, February 16th. Marty and I went to breakfast at Leoda’s – a really cute little spot that we’d driven by multiple times. I’m so glad we went here, the food was really good and I loved the atmosphere. Plus, delicious strong coffee. Win. After… [Read More]

Maui – Day 3

Our third day in Maui was Monday, February 15th – the day before the wedding. We woke up and immediately made a Starbucks run – bringing our coffees back to the Lahaina house to sip on by the pool. (My first iced coffee since last summer!!) For the first half of the day, the girls… [Read More]

Maui – Day 2

Our second day of vacation was Sunday February 14th, and we started it bright and early after a much needed full night of sleep. We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day on Maui – breakfast in Kihei at Kihei Caffe, with amaaaazing banana macadamia nut pancakes and super strong coffee, a beautiful stroll by the water… [Read More]

Maui – Day 1

Aloha! I’m back from MAUI! It was warm and beautiful, just as I dreamed it would be. As with all of my adventures – I’m so excited to share the trip! Stay tuned in the days to come and I’ll tell you all about it:) We flew out of Seattle on Saturday, February 13th at 9… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 13 & 14}

Day 13 – Boise, ID When we woke up to greet day 13, we knew our vacation was rapidly coming to an end. We only had one more stop ahead of us! We checked out of our SLC hotel early and hit the road en route to Boise, ID. When we made it to Boise… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 12}

Day 12 – Salt Lake City, UT On Tuesday morning, we got out of bed early to say goodbye to Las Vegas and all its craziness. Until next time. The morning and early part of our afternoon were spent driving through Nevada, briefly into Arizona, and then into Utah. Until then I had never been… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 11}

Day 11 – Las Vegas, NV Day 11 started with slowly getting out of bed and getting down to the nearest Starbucks for coffee and a pastry. Merry was still in bed, so the husband and I brought our coffees back up to the room to sip them while we watched TV before he had… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 10}

Day 10 – Las Vegas, NV Day 10 was a full day to stay and play in Vegas. After all the driving we’d been doing, it was much needed. We even got to sleep in a little, hooray! I like to call this picture, “Waking up in Vegas.” After rolling ourselves out of bed, Starbucks… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 9}

Day 9 – The Grand Canyon | Las Vegas, NV We checked out of our hotel in Sedona early to keep trekking on our journey. The terrain driving out of Sedona was pretty amazing. From there we drove about two hours to the GRAND CANYON. We made it there early, before the place was crowded… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 8}

Day 8 – Sedona, AZ Day 8, we headed out of Palm Springs, reluctantly. It was such a beautiful place that just oozed summer. I definitely want to go back again one day! We drove most the morning in the desert, headed to Arizona. I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I… [Read More]