Another Baby Girl!

I have yet to share our biggest news of 2020 on the blog! We are expecting another baby girl in October of this year!! We could not be more excited… the thought of raising two little girls has me feeling all sorts of blessed. In March we actually found out the gender, since we did… [Read More]

Mother’s Day Weekend 2020

I know times are still crazy, especially here in Washington state where our stay at home order has been extended through May. But we still managed to have an amazing Mother’s Day weekend. Ahh I miss it already! We took Monday off and made it a long weekend so we could spend extra sunshine time… [Read More]

Alaska Cruise 2019

Hey, remember five years ago when we went on an Alaskan cruise? Well, we tell people all the time that if you’re up for an adventurous, stunning, unique vacation – an Alaskan cruise is pretty awesome! It turns out people listened to us, because our close friends Alec and Holly invited us (and our other… [Read More]

Easter 2020

Definitely started to title this Easter 2019… 2020 just doesn’t feel real! What strange times we live in… It’s crazy to think what I had wanted Easter weekend to look like for us just a couple months ago… church, our small town’s annual egg hunt, and family time! Instead, we had to stay home, as… [Read More]

Busy winter

We got back from Kauai mid-January and life has been pretty busy ever since! But things have been really great so I really don’t even mind the busy. I had multiple açaí bowls in Hawaii that I’ve been craving, so I tried my hand at making them at home. (Thanks to my in-laws for the… [Read More]

Valentine Ideas

I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain. I’ve got Milly’s valentine goody bag all ready to go. She’s our very best little valentine, after all. :) Now if only I could figure out what to do for that husband of mine?! Usually to celebrate the holiday of love, we have dinner at home. Something fancy… [Read More]

Kauai #aloha30

Aloha!!! In January we went to Kauai with family to celebrate my 30th birthday! Crazy to be in a new decade of life. We had a great time. Having a birthday in January always makes me want to go somewhere warm to celebrate. We saw a lot of rain during our stay, but we did… [Read More]

December 2019

December was a pretty sweet month. I tried really hard to do an activity advent calendar, with something fun every day, but I definitely didn’t follow through for every day. Things got super busy mid-month, but I’m still happy with the fun things we did do. We kicked off the month with a breakfast with… [Read More]

Harvest Festivities

We had lots of fun during fall, so I figured I’d combine it all into one post – since I’m so behind on the blog! Let’s jump right in. First up, the pumpkin patch!! We didn’t go last year because Milly wasn’t walking yet (how is that possible?!), so I knew we would for sure… [Read More]

Milly’s 2nd Birthday

My baby is 2! It seems both impossible and way possible at the same time. Like, I was looking at her a couple weeks before her birthday, thinking about how she’s still 1 but yet she can carry on full conversations and is so smart. Definitely felt like she was already 2! Her birthday was… [Read More]